Wagners Uganda Mission Trip
Uganda Mission
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Carrie Wagner
08/04/2009 09:09

What an amazing website. You have shared such a story from an incredible part of the world. Thank you! Your pictures are great, especially the one of the girl carrying water. My favorite!

08/05/2009 07:56

Adam, you are the MAN! What a great website with insightful narrative and interesting photos. Thanks for putting this together to share with all.

Sally Weldon
08/17/2009 08:27

Adam, your photos are fantastic. What a great way to communicate with people about your trip. Look forward to coming back to your site after your journal is up, your Dad gave me the link after I asked for it, so don't be mad! Sally Weldon, IT Director CFWNC

Maria Juarez
01/20/2010 06:42

Hi, Adam!
Got the website link from your dad (he's my boss) and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your journal and photos. I can tell from your writing that you are a very thoughtful and caring guy, and I think you're going to be the next photographer in the family! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience with everyone.

01/20/2010 12:13

Hello Adam,

We haven't met yet as I am new to the community foundation and working with your dad. I think your website rocks and I also think you could follow in your mother's footsteps as a photographer - maybe for National Geographic. My favorite picture is the child with the colorful umbrella but I also loved all the ones of the kids.

I've started reading the journal but am running to catch a plane so I'll read the rest later.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.


Tara Scholtz
01/21/2010 05:29

This is a fantastic project based on an incredible experience. You should be very proud, not only of the many talents you possess and the handsome young man you are growing into, but also of the memories you can treasure forever. Thanks for sharing. Tara Scholtz

Alison Cockerill
02/19/2010 09:22

Hi Adam,
My name is Alison and I lived in Kasese when your parents were there and then in Ibanda. We became good friends, but as I live in England have only managed to meet up a couple of times since. Your website and especially the photos brought back many memories, so thank you. I look forward to reading Carrie's book.
Alison Cocekrill

Mary Krafft
05/25/2010 11:49

Hi Adam- You may not remember me , but we lived in South Africa while you were there. My boys, Colin and Trevor spent a lot of time with you and your brother. I love your website. The pictures are great! You take after your mom with all the great photos. Your trip looks like it was fun. The safari pictures you took remind me of South Africa. This is a great way to share your experience. I can't wait to show Colin and Trevor what you've done!

Mary Krafft

Abena Asante Adu-Nyako
11/04/2010 19:52


Great pictures! I got a copy of your mom's book the Village Wisdom a couple of months ago from your dad-- I must say that the talent runs in the family! Thanks for sharing your experience. Pictures reminded me a lot of my home country of Ghana.
I go to church with this amazing couple who are in the process of adopting two brothers--a 3 and 4 year old from Uganda. I will certainly connect them to this site.
All the best Adam and "asantesanaa" for your experience you freely shared with us.


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The Wagners went to Uganda on a mission trip from North Carolina.