Wagners Uganda Mission Trip
Uganda Mission
I am sitting here writing this blog, and I realize what a wonderful life we have. I have a roof over my head, and food enough to satisfy. This Christmas, realize the true meaning of Christmas. The biggest give ever to be given. Jesus. He came to save us, not condemn us. Many times, we find ourselves lost in an endless maze of the commercial Christmas. We sometimes forget about the real gift of Christ. Also, gifts' values aren't decided by the pricetag. Gifts of time, happiness, and understanding, can mean more than any of those "stuff gifts." Lower your expectations of "stuff" (Don't lower your hopes and dreams). Instead of seeing who has the newest car, why not make it a thing to brag about who has the oldest car? It means more if you've been able to take care of one car for a long time, than if you have the money to buy a new car every few years. Just think about those points this year, and next. Merry Christmas!


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The Wagners went to Uganda on a mission trip from North Carolina.