Wagners Uganda Mission Trip
Uganda Mission

About Us

This website was made in order to share the experience of our trip to Uganda. There are are four members in our family, Carrie Wagner, Bob Wagner, Benjamin Wagner, and Adam Wagner. I'm Adam, and I was 12 years old when we went on this trip. My parents are Bob and Carrie, and my brother is Benjamin. I took all the pictures that are on this website except for the ones I'm in. My mom (Carrie), is a global citizen, author, speaker, and photographer. If you want to learn more about our experience in Uganda, check out the book called,"Village Wisdom." My mom has written it about the culture and their experiences, and it was published  April 2010. Go to http://www.villagewisdombook.com for more information on her book.We hope you enjoy this website, and maybe it will persuade you to do something like this mission trip. Also, please leave a comment, question, ,or feedback to help me improve this website (click "Guest book and Blog"). You can read my blog there, too.

About Uganda

Uganda is  full of poverty, yet the lives of the people are dedicated and filled with happiness.  Filled with wildlife and people, the diversity is amazing, brimming full with beauty.  Some say it is the pearl of Africa. The people who live in poverty make the most of what they have. Making sometimes not even a dollar a day, they can still have fun and enjoy themselves. Lots of kids play soccer for at least two hours a day. Kids sometimes get beat by their parents for doing something wrong, but that is common in Uganda. They still manage to live on the bright side of life. There is a small village in Uganda called Ibanda, located in Kasese district. Kids have about three pairs of clothes, for school, church, and just to wear around. A lot of kids don't even have shoes, those that do are lucky. Mud houses are common in Ibanda, even though some now have brick homes. No one in the village of Ibanda has electricity, except for a few tiny shops in the trading center. All Ugandans that still have their teeth have incredible smiles, shining with happiness. Uganda has lots of wildlife, including lions, rhinos, hippos, elephants, warthogs, giraffes, and much more. Beautiful views surround you wherever you go. The country is an amazing place, that still needs development, but it has me captured. I hope you will someday be able to experience the Ugandan way of life. 

Introduction to Our Trip

We started planning our trip in the beginning of 2008. We had a huge yard sale, and lots of people donated money. 15 years ago, my Mom and Dad had lived in the village of Ibanda from 1991-1994. We were returning to meet their old friends, see what life is like now, and bring books that students in America had written for the kids in Uganda. That is called "Books of Hope." We were also returning to bring soccer equipment that people in North Carolina had donated. Over 300 people donated money for the trip, and even more donated soccer equipment. In the village of Ibanda, we gave all the equipment to an organization called,"Community Development Through Sports." They worked with the kids, to get them better at soccer, known in Africa as, "Futball." We bought plane tickets and on July 1, we left for Africa. We would stay until July 31. Read my journal to find out what we did.
The Wagners went to Uganda on a mission trip from North Carolina.