Wagners Uganda Mission Trip
Uganda Mission

Books of Hope Project

Kids in Asheville, North Carolina, some who go to A.C. Reynolds Middle School and others that go to Haw Creek Elementary, wrote books for the children in Uganda to read and enjoy. We brought over the books and gave them to schools, so the kids could see all the books. We then gave them blank booklets to write in, and we had to give them pencils too, because nobody had one. They wrote about themselves, their lives, and made up  stories. They drew wonderful pictures, too.
           We brought the books the Ugandan kids wrote so that kids in America could read  about the kids in Uganda, and the stories they wrote. You could start a project like this too.  Go to http://www.booksofhope.org/weeblylink_new_window are some pictures of the kids writing and reading the books.
The kids were very happy to get these books. They sang and danced, and even let us play soccer with them while school was supposed to be going on. It was an amazing experience.
The Wagners went to Uganda on a mission trip from North Carolina.